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RYOT SmellSafe Axe-Pack NoGoo Case - 355x166m
RYOT SmellSafe Axe-Pack NoGoo Case - 355x166m
60,00 €

The revised RYOT® Axe-Pack comes with NoGoo platinum cured silicone mats built in and with deeper dish to enhance your capacity for every occasion. The Axe-Pack is the go-to case for vapor rigs, heady bubblers, and much more! Heavy wall padding and a molded shell are topped off with a padded divider to ensure the highest levels of safety for your valuables throughout your daily grind!

SmellSafe technology
NoGoo silicone mat
Odor absorption antimicrobial microfiber
Soft wall memory style padding
Rugged exterior
Prep tray incorporated into the lid
Secure external locking zipper
Removable, hi-tech freshness pod
Interior velcro straps
Grinder storage

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